The shoes on the last post have hoof platforms, I don’t know if you noticed, I’m not sure if they wanted a tutorial on that part or not

The shoes on the last post have hoof platforms, I don’t know if you noticed, I’m not sure if they wanted a tutorial on that part or not

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I take it this is in reference to this ask, submitted by @notacreepergamer ?

If so, you are absolutely right – it took a bit of squinting and looking very carefully at the image, but the character does, in fact, have hooves. Thank you for pointing this out!

All of my previous advice still stands, but I will give advice now on how to create the hoof look on the outside of a shoe platform once the shoe method in the original post is chosen.

As with most things, there are a few ways to go about the hoof decoration. The basic shape and construction of the shoe platform is not going to change much, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to cut out a section in the front to create the cloven hoof look, or else you risk unbalancing the shoe and creating a weak point for the toe. Instead, all hoof decoration is going to be applied to the outside of the shoe.

One method would be to simply paint the shoe’s platform to look like a cloven hoof. This will take a bit of painting skill, but looking at references of real hooves will help with the process. I would recommend making a smooth gradient of a lighter color at the center front around the toe box to a darker color on the sides first. This will create a bit of highlighting for dimension and will allow for the dark shadow of the cleave to stand out. Once this paint dries, the dark shadow area of the cleave can be painted in, either by masking off the area or by freehanding the shape. This should be your darkest color, since you want the shape to visually recede and appear as a hollow area rather than a painted area on a smooth surface. Once this is painted in, assess the paint job and determine how much additional highlight and shade you want to add, and if you want to create texture in the paint.

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Another method would be to build up the surface physically so that the shape is 3D. This will take a bit of sculpting skill, and you want to make sure that the front of the hoof doesn’t go too far forward of the toe box of the shoe itself. I would use a product such as foam clay, since it will dry both lightweight and sturdy while remaining flexible enough that it won’t crack or break if you accidentally kick something while walking. You will want to build up a thin layer of this material over the front of the shoe platform, with the thickest point just before the cleave in the hoof. I would recommend placing an object such as a wooden ruler inside where you want the cleave to be so that the shape is even and deep. Once your material dries, you can seal it how you want and then paint, using the tips for painting outlined above for more dimension (so more highlight on the parts that come forward, and darkest shadows inside the cleave so it visually recesses). 

If you want to do a hybrid method, you can also simply glue a piece of EVA foam/craft foam to the front and cut out the section for the cleave, and then paint as described.

I hope that helps! :] Apologies for the formerly incomplete answer.

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