Hitoshi Shinsou

Yo! Full Kakashi photoset is here!

I really love this character with all my heart. Since the first series, when I started watching, he very much hooked me and occupies a separate place in my heart ❤

In theory, my first image was supposed to be it, but i did this cosplay only now.

In this photo session from the stunning photographer Aku(http://instagram.com/akunohako) we tried to show the two sides of one person.

A talented and experienced shinobi, whose name is known to almost everyone in the world. Copy ninja, who went through a difficult and long way and eventually earned the respected title of Hokage.
Despite the loss of all people close to him, he becomes a sensitive and fair teacher for the younger generation and most of all he values the strong friendship and the fact that none of the guys are ready to leave his friend for mission.

And of course, he is likes by reading books from Jiraiya Sensei 😀

We tried very hard to make this photoset interesting and for real fans ❤ I would will be grateful for your repost!

And if you want support my cosplay you can do it on my Patreon <3


READ  Hi! I'm trying to make Shion (from That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime) and I'm having trouble with the horn. It's pretty large and I'm not exactly sure what materials to make it out of, and also how to attach it to my head. I've seen some sellers use clips, however I want to make it more realistic than that. I'm also having trouble with her green shirt under her blazer. It doesn't cover any of her chest so I'm not sure how that would work. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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