Getting in shape for Cosplay?

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Do you need to get in shape for cosplay? No, of course not. But I’m often getting asked what my workout routine is and what I eat to get in shape – so here are your answers. Please keep in mind though that I’m not a fitness trainer nor a nutritionist. I only follow a few workout programs, think about what I’m eating and try to be more active in general. Don’t forget that cosplay is for everyone, no matter what gender, skin color, age or body shape. Love yourself and be happy, but also don’t be afraid to make a change if you really want to!

Please consider that all I am talking about in this video is my personal way to get more fit. Everybody is different and it might not work the same way for you. Please always look after your health and visit a doctor before you make any big lifestyle or nutrition changes. This video is not supposed to be a “how to guide” or instructional video, but rather just me talking about the things I do on a daily basis.

– Svetlana

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